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Calming Bath Salts

Hey Everyone!

So seeing as most of you seemed to like my last blog post, I though it was about time I posted a new one for you all to read!

I have never really been one for bath salts, I love bath bombs and bath milk, however I have ever really tried salts. I was given the “KATS KALMA Salty Bundle” which I think looked super cute and I really couldn’t wait to test them out! The bundle contains an uplifting soak and also a balancing soak, the uplifting soak is a minty kind of fresh scent which I am choosing to use when I am feeling down and need a little pick me up (hence the name) and the balancing soak is more of a lavender kind of scent which I will be using this when I am feeling a little aggravated.

IMG_0076 IMG_0077

The packaging of these products are a really clever idea. The salts come in individual bottles with a cork as a lid and also a straw bow. I like the packing as they are a little different to other bath products that are out there and also if I were to be out shopping, they would definitely catch my eye!

I believe that these salts were a little on the pricey side so I am choosing to use them on my very bad days so that they last as long as possible, however in saying this, I will probably order some more when I am coming to an unfortunate end. I will leave a link to the KATS KALMA website so that you can have a browse of all of the lovely products that are available.

I hope you enjoy this post as much as the last one however I couldn’t really give a proper review as I have only used them once.

Love Always – Aimee XOX

Link to the KATS KALMA website

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My Top 5 Makeup Products

Hi Guys!

So where do I begin? Well, I’m Aimee and welcome to my blog, I like all things makeup and so to break the ice,  I thought I would publish my first blog post on my top 5 makeup products! I have loved makeup ever since I was a young teen (although I didn’t have any idea how to apply it). So without further ado here goes and I hope you enjoy this post!         


So at number 5, is my truly loved “Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer”, I love this concealer I use it in my day to day makeup routine as it covers and hides any blemishes I may have, spots and also my dark under eye circles. The concealer itself seems to last me for around 2 months and is really cheap so I have a few in my makeup collection.


At number 4 comes my Barry M “Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit”. This kit is amazing! you get a dark brown, light brown and a light powder, the darker brown is used to sculpt areas such as the hollows of the cheeks, the lighter brown powder is used to bronze areas like the forehead, nose and areas where the sun would naturally bronze you, the lightest powder is used to highlight, I sweep the highlighter over the top of my cheekbones, down the length of my nose and up to the centre of my forehead. As this product is a power, it can be hard to blend the darker brown to the desired look, however I absolutely love this kit and it is great for contour beginners.


At number 3 is my Estee Lauder “Bronze Goddess”, this item is a little bit on the pricey side however it lasts a VERY long time however I am about to hit pan so I am in need of a new one. I use this over the top of my foundation if I am going for a glowy kind of summery look. The bronzer itself is a matte finish and looks amazing with any look whether it be a smokey eye look to a natural sun kissed look. I definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a bronzer with a sun kissed natural matte looking finish as it is AMAZING!!!


Number 2 is my Urban Decay “Naked” eye shadow palette. This palette is amazing for any occasion as the variety eye shadows to choose from is out of this world! Any look can be made possible with this gorgeous palette, from Natural to Golden and Golden to Smokey. Whatever makeup look you are achieving, you cannot complete without this palette!


Finally at number 1 is my trusty old Estee Lauder “double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup”. I love this foundation, I have tried many foundations including Mac Pro Longwear, Clinique Stay Matte Makeup and Mac Studio Sculpt.  I found that none of these foundations had the coverage that I wanted and all had an orange tinge to them, I wanted something natural looking so I gave Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup a go and instantly fell in love! I loved the coverage, the colour had no orange tinge to it and it felt amazing on my skin. My colour is 1C1 Cool Bone which is incredible and a perfect match for my skin. If I was to recommend a foundation with good coverage, and a foundation that is suitable for oily skin, then this is the one I would recommend.

So I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 5 makeup products, I tried to include some less pricey items as I know that not everybody can afford expensive makeup. If you have any requests on what you would like my next post to be on then give me a shout on twitter – @AimeeG98 Also be sure to follow me on instagram – aimeegibsonx