Calming Bath Salts

Hey Everyone!

So seeing as most of you seemed to like my last blog post, I though it was about time I posted a new one for you all to read!

I have never really been one for bath salts, I love bath bombs and bath milk, however I have ever really tried salts. I was given the “KATS KALMA Salty Bundle” which I think looked super cute and I really couldn’t wait to test them out! The bundle contains an uplifting soak and also a balancing soak, the uplifting soak is a minty kind of fresh scent which I am choosing to use when I am feeling down and need a little pick me up (hence the name) and the balancing soak is more of a lavender kind of scent which I will be using this when I am feeling a little aggravated.

IMG_0076 IMG_0077

The packaging of these products are a really clever idea. The salts come in individual bottles with a cork as a lid and also a straw bow. I like the packing as they are a little different to other bath products that are out there and also if I were to be out shopping, they would definitely catch my eye!

I believe that these salts were a little on the pricey side so I am choosing to use them on my very bad days so that they last as long as possible, however in saying this, I will probably order some more when I am coming to an unfortunate end. I will leave a link to the KATS KALMA website so that you can have a browse of all of the lovely products that are available.

I hope you enjoy this post as much as the last one however I couldn’t really give a proper review as I have only used them once.

Love Always – Aimee XOX

Link to the KATS KALMA website

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