Getting Christmas Ready !



Hey everybody!

I hope you have all had an interesting week!


So, as our first glimpse of snow came on Friday evening, I decided to tell you what I got up to this weekend!


My weekend started of pretty boring, food shopping with my mum and curling up on the sofa with a delicious hot chocolate watching I’m a Celebrity get me out of here! I had seen on my weather app that we were expecting snow so I kept having a sneaky look, NOTHING, next minute, IT’S SNOWING!!! I feel like there is something really magical about snow near to Christmas, basically to me the first sign of snow is the first sign of Christmas. We had to put the Christmas Decorations up but I got a simple answer … NO.

Saturday came around and I was up so early!! I just wanted to stay in


Selfie Time Before Christmas Shopping

bed and have a duvet day but I had planned to go Christmas shopping with my bestie. She picked me up at 8.20 and we went off for a girly day. Christmas shopping turned into clothes shopping, not a single thing was bought for Christmas (typical females). Later on in the evening I asked the big question again “can we put up the Christmas decorations?” again I told “no, and before you ask, yes we will put them up tomorrow”. Well, it made my night!



After a fantastic night sleep, I woke up feeing refreshed and headed off on my driving lesson. As soon as I got back, I went straight to the bathroom and ran myself a bath so that I could use my Cinders Lush Bath Bomb. I don’t know why but the Cinders Bath bomb always makes me feel Christmassy and of course I plugged in my earphones and lit my “Christmas Eve” candle so that I felt extra Christmassy ready for me to decorate the house.

When it came to decorating, we put Christmas songs on and put the tree up before decorating it (obviously). After lots of fun and decorating, it was done and dusted!

I really hope you enjoyed my chit chat post and I shall see you soon

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Love Always – Aimee XOX


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