Merry Christmas Everyone

Hey guys,

So hopefully the man in the big red suit paid a visit to you all last night and left you all the gifts you wanted and more.

In this blog post, I am going to be taking you through my Christmas Eve routine and what I get up to on Christmas Day.


Christmas Eve

So Christmas Eve for me is probably one of the exciting days. Not because I know I’m going to be waking up to presents but because I know I’m going to spending such a lovely day with my family.  So in preparation for this, I like to run myself a steaming hot bath and place a lush product or two in there. This year, I chose to use my Father Christmas bath bomb. I absolutely love this bath bomb and it lifts my mood, smells incredible and has a Christmassy green colour to it.

Whilst relaxing in the bath, I like to put on some Christmas music and this year I was particularly enjoying Michael Buble Christmas so I listened to that specific album. I also like to use a facemask to prepare my skin for Christmas (if you can say that) and I use the origins clear improvements  mask. Whilst I am soaking, I light my Yankee Candle Christmas Eve Jar and then I lay in bath for around 1 hour.

When I finally bring myself to get out of the bath, I put on my cosy pyjamas and go downstairs where my family are waiting for me so that we can open a bottle or two of fruit flavoured Prosecco. After a few hours I retire from drinking Prosecco and make myself a hot chocolate with cream and take myself to bed. I put on a Christmas film and snuggle up in bed before I close my eyes.


Christmas Day

I get woken up at around 7 0 clock and my parents are the biggest kids in the house. Before I begin to open  my presents that Santa has left for me 😉 I make myself some pancakes and a cup of coffee. Once my breakfast has been demolished, me and my brother then begin to open our presents. My main present this year was a pair of Christian Louboutin Heels, which I adore so so much! Along with my heels, I also got a MAC voucher, my FAVE perfume Alien and other little bits and bobs.

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After getting ready, at around 11 o clock, we leave for my nans house where we spend out Christmas day. More presents were there for us so after we had eaten our starter, we gave our gifts to each other and opened them. I was spoilt yet again, I was given a Limit Necklace, Bracelet and Watch along with other small gifts.We then tucked into our Christmas Dinner and played Pie Face I think it’s called and other silly but funny games before returning home where I came straight up to my bedroom and had a little nap.

So, that’s basically my Christmas summed up, I hope you have all had an amazing day and got what you wished for. I would love to hear what you got in the comments below.




Love Always – Aimee XOX

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