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Bit of an update 

Hello my lovely people! It has certainly been a while! 

I’ve not been blogging as much dust recently due to working mainly and also I have been trying to sell my car (which is now sold) so I’m on the hunt for a new one! 

I have also been getting round to setting up my own website for my blogs and I am planning on blogging my day trips, my shopping experiences and not forgetting my beauty and makeup blogs. 

Anyway! I received a lovely parcel in the post this morning from feel unique! I love this store as it not only sells drugstore products but also higher end and if your lucky you may be able to find discount codes! 

In my lovely brown package that I received, in there was 

  • NYX soft matte lip cream in Stockholm – I have been wanting a matte lipstick for absolutely ages now and the NYX range do have amazing reviews about them! The colour Stockholm is a gorgeous pinky nude and kind of shellish. I am yet to try it on my lips however  from the reviews I have read, I think I will absolutely love it! 
  • Aveda smooth infusion glossing straightener – I first heard about the Aveda smooth infusion range when I watched Naomi Smarts video on her “Top 15 Natural Beauty Products” which I will leave a link below for you to access. So I decided to try it for myself! Again like the NYX lipstick, I am yet to try it out however I have heard good things about the Aveda smooth infusion glossing straightener and I am excited to try it out! 


That’s it for today guys!!! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my little feel unique parcel and I promise not to leave it as long next time!!  

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Link to Naomi’s video