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I’m Back!

I haven’t blogged for well over a year and I am soooooo sorry!

You could say that I’ve had quite a busy and stressful past year and so gave up on my blog, I have been starting up my own little business in beauty therapy, specialising in Brow & Lash Treatments, Makeup services, CND Shellac and I still am learning so much more!

Also, I didn’t know whether I wanted to write about this on a blogging platform where millions of people an view it, but last November, I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer, this is the second time that I have been diagnosed and I am now awaiting a transplant.

Forgetting the negatives, I am back for good! I have missed blogging so so so much! I am back in my own little world! ready for new blogging challenges and getting my reputation back to where it was before I gave up!


Love you all sooo much! Hope you enjoy the few pictures of my work!


Aimee XOX

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I am a 20 year old Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger based in Staffordshire, I started my blog in 2015 as a hobby and to interract with others

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