Holy Grail Foundation | The Aimee Effect

There are hundreds of foundations on the market for us makeup junkies and everybody has their own personal preference. I have many foundations that I use but my go to has got to be the Estée Lauder Double Wear.

This foundation claims to be long-wearing, keeps makeup looking fresh and natural through heat humidity and activity, a lightweight comfortable foundation, doesn’t change colour or smudge and come off on your clothes.

All of the above I do agree with, the only point I feel a little differently on is the foundation coming off on clothing, maybe it’s because I don’t tend to set my whole face with powder but it does transfer onto my clothes ever so slightly.

The coverage of this foundation is one of the best, it’s a medium to full coverage and gives a flawless finish, the foundation is the only makeup product I use from Estée Lauder however I would like to try the matching concealer at some point also.

For 30ml of this product it will cost you £33.50 which I know for some people can be pricey, I do think it is an expensive foundation but it is 100% worth it for me and my skin.

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