The Full Works | The Aimee Effect

Shower routines can either be a massive chore or something you really enjoy. For me I am somewhere in the middle, I used to find the whole concept of getting into the shower and having the full hair, face and body shower a chore but just recently I have been really getting into a routine and I now look forward to hopping into the shower. So obviously I thought I’d share it with you guys in the hope that it helps someone to become more motivated about the full works shower!

So I always begin by getting everything that I need out of the cupboards and within easy reach (face mask, shower creme, exfoliator, shaving creme and razor, face cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, body moisturiser, face cream / serum and eye cream)

  1. I like to start with a face mask before I turn the shower on, I have been using the GlamGlow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment, I apply a thin layer all over my face, leave to set then peel off.
  2. I then jump into the shower and wash my body with the Dove Body Wash Mousse with Coconut Oil. I rub this all over my body and then rinse off. (This is my go to wash at the moment!!!!!)
  3. Then comes my favourite part the exfoliate, I have been using and loving the BodyBlendz Coffee Crub and this stuff is unreal guys, you apply all over the body including the face and wait for 5 minutes before rinsing off. This product is australian owned and is cruely free which is amazing!
  4. Now the boring part, I don’t tend to use a shaving creme, I use a conditioner instead obviously with a razor and it works wonders (totally reccommend you try this)
  5. Onto the face and I am loving Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating cream with natural microbeads. This is a really gentle exfoliator and is a perfect addition to anybodys skincare.
  6. I then just wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner (no preference I just use what is in the house)
  7. I then pat dry my body with a towel until it is completely dry and moisturise my body, I have been using Dove Visible Glow which is okay but I have just purchased the palmers natural bronze body lotion which I am really excited to try.
  8. Now my body is moisturised, I use the Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream which is for a normal – dry skin, My skin type is combination, however I like to use this cream a few times a week to hydrate my skin more. I follow this with my normal day to day eye gel from Estee Lauder and then that is me done!

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