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Take the day off review | The Aimee Effect

I used to be one of those girls that always takes her makeup off before bed and always cleansed my skin. Just lately I’ve been getting so lazy, just using a wipe to take off my entire face of makeup or just leaving it on and topping it up in the morning. I KNOW….I know that this is so so so bad for my skin and I did see a change in the way my skin felt and looked, I just couldn’t be bothered to take care of my skin.

As a beauty blogger, I do like to try out different brands and products and I am very late onto the bandwagon with this one but I’ve tried it eventually and I love it.

Clinique take the day off cleansing balm has got to be up there with my favourites, I’ve been using the balm every night for about a week now and I am noticing a huge difference in my skin. From always being a very oily person and I mean oil that I couldn’t seem to control, I’m not saying that this product is a miracle in a tub but my skin is no where near as oily as what it used to be.

The product itself is like a hard oil (a little bit like coconut oil) and you only need a small amount. Be sure to wet your face first, then what I like to do is take a little of the product out with my index finger and rub into my hands, I then box press onto my face and work the product in. To take it off I just simply use a baby’s sponge and warm water. I don’t know if you’re supposed to use this on your eyes as well but I have been using this as a eye makeup remover and it works wonders, no stingy eyes which a lot of products do tend to do. I then follow this with my normal cleanse and moisturise.

The balm retails at £24 which I don’t personally think is too pricy for a product so good. I cannot recommend this enough! I will not be turning back now I’ve tried it and it will be forever one of my go-to’s

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and lovey new year!

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No Miracles, Just Results

When it comes to skincare, I absolutely LOVE trying out different brands and seeing what works well with my skin. I have a combination skin-type, but it is mainly oily, and it can be such a struggle trying to control the oiliness, especially when I’m wearing a full face of makeup.

It is so important that you take care of your skin, your skin is naturally acidic, and therefore you should ideally be cleansing with a cleanser that is more acidic rather than an alkali. Many people use standard bars of soap such as dove to wash their face, this is so harsh on your skin as it is alkali based. When searching for cleansers always do your research!!!

I recently visited the Clarins counter in my local Debenhams as I was after some new skincare to try out. I have used Clarins products in the past however I was a lot younger. The women behind the counter was sooo lovely and helped me select the products most suitable for my skin. She also gave me a few samples to try out which I have fallen in love with and am going to 100% purchase. 

Gentle foaming cleanser with cottonseed – Normal / Combination skin-types

As it says on the tin this cleanser is so gentle on the skin yet so powerful at removing all the dirt and grime that is left after I have done my superficial cleanse. A little bit goes a long way and it really does make your face feel squeaky clean. The cleanser retails at £20.00 and definitely one for the collection

Toning lotion with chamomile – Dry / Normal skin-types

Now, with this toner stating it’s suitable for dry skin types I was very apprehensive about trying it especially with my skin being so oily, but as the cleanser did dry out my skin a little, the toner worked wonders and didn’t make my skin feel to greasy which I loved! The toner retails at £21 – £28 and It comes in a standard and luxury size

Lotus face treatment oil – Oily / Combination skin-types

One word, AMAZING. I have never used an oil on my skin due to my excessive oil. However, I have been using a tiny bit of this oil in my hands and patting all over my face including my oily areas before I go to sleep and in the morning I wake up and my skin looks unreal, I never thought an oil would be a good match for me but this stuff is made from the gods on skincare I swear, definitely recommend to anybody! For 30ml of product it would cost you £34

I love hearing what people use for their skincare so please share your own stories with me, I would love to hear them! Don’t forget to press that follow button to keep up to date with my upcoming posts

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