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Simple skincare is one of the most affordable skin brands out there, it is a British brand and was designed for those with sensitive skin. I have been using Simple for a few weeks in my night time skin routine and I’ve got to say, I am a fan, the products are so affordable, yet they feel so expensive and luxury on the skin. I would recommend Simple for those of you who are students or those who can’t really afford a higher end brand.

So, I have been using the Simple Kind to Skin Eye Make-Up Remover, Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water, Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Face Wash and the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser.

Eye Make-up Remover – pretty much self-explanatory, I like to soak 2 cotton wool pads in the remover then press the pads onto my eyes and brows for about 10 seconds then wipe away.

Micellar Cleansing Water – again I soak about 3 cotton wool pads in the product then wipe away any face and neck makeup.

Moisturising Face Wash – I like to fill a bowl with warm water, and soak my sponge I then apply a little bit of the product to my hand and add a little water to lather the product in my hands before massaging into my neck and face, I then get my sponge and squeeze so all of the excess water is drained and take the face wash of my face then blot dry with tissue or pat dry with a towel.

Hydrating Light Moisturiser – once my face has been dried, I then use a small amount of the moisturiser and again massage into my neck and face and let the product absorb into my skin, you can use as much as you want however I don’t like my face to feel greasy hence why I only use a small amount.

I am yet to try the Simple eye creams, and face masks but If any of you have tried them please let me know what you think, I love reading others skin care routines.

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Individual Eyelash Extensions

About 2 months ago I decided to get eyelashes extensions. I’ve never had them before, but I wanted to give them a try as I was tired of having to apply strip lashes all of the time. I loved them but they just weren’t for me.

So, the day I had them done I was like wowwww omg I really suit them but my eyes were so irritated and red, I literally had pink eye and it was so sore, I know its normal to get this but It was so painful. They cost me £35 so not too expensive and it took the girl about 2 hours to do.

One thing I did struggle with whilst having my lashes on was eye makeup, I rarely wore eye makeup as I couldn’t do it, I know that if I’d have kept trying I’d have got there in the end but I don’t always have a lot of time to spend on my makeup.

About 2 weeks later they started to shed which is normal as they were getting ready to be infilled but I decided that I wasn’t going to get infills due to the fact that I struggled to do my makeup so I had to go through the pain of them getting sparse and I looked like an absolute muppet by this point but who cares you are who you are!

About 2 weeks after they started to shed, I decided to use baby oil and take them out myself, it was painless and I haven’t ruined any of my real lashes.All in all, I really did love having the extensions but I wouldn’t have them again due to the fact of me struggling with makeup, but if you can do makeup pretty good with these on I am so jealous of you! I would recommend individual lashes to those who cannot wear a lot of makeup at work such as nurses or people who work with food or even if you don’t wear makeup at all, lashes will be perfect for you!


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Current Beauty Wish List


I’m always finding myself looking on the cult beauty and beauty bay website. So today I thought I would share with you my current beauty wish list! Most of these products that I am dying to try and REALLY REALLY want are higher end, so if anybody has any drugstore alternatives let me know in the comments so I can try them out!!!

1. VIOLET VOSS MATTE ABOUT YOU PALETTE – This palette looks unreal! I am already imagining the looks I can create from the selection of colours! You’ve got everything from a light transition colour, to gorgeous oranges, reds, purples and a black. It is just amazingggggg

2. UNICORN COSMETICS MINK LASHES IN AQUARELLE – Who doesn’t love lashes? I love these lashes as they look so natural and wispy, I love the fact that they are little clusters of lashes rather than just multiple lashes across the band and I just think they are so beautiful

3. YES TO COCONUT MICELLAR WATER – I love using micellar water to take off my makeup before I wash my face however some can be very irritating on my skin. This product claims to be very hydrating and I can just imagine how good this is for your skin especially if you really suffer from dry skin

4. SIGMA COMPLETE BRUSH KIT – One word UNREAL, this is the kit of dreams. I use the zoeva bushes now, however I need this kit in my life and I am going to save up until I can afford this baby

5. RCMA NO COLOUR POWDER – I feel like everybody has this powder apart from me! It isn’t the most expensive powder in the world, but I want to do a haul and that is my reasoning for not buying it yet as I know that if I buy it, I will use it and then it will be no good for a haul

6. TOO FACED BULLETPROOF BROWS – Now this looks so good, I assume it comes with the brush as it shows the brush on the picture but omg I can’t even begin to tell you how much I want this brow product. It reminds me of a bit of a pomade but also a powder as well if that makes sense. It claims to last 24 hours and is smudge and waterproof so were winning all round

7. ICONIC LONDON ILLUMINATOR – I am very late on the bandwagon with this one. I’ve been wanting to try the illuminator drops for some time now as everybody raves about them, so they must be good, I have the Barry M liquid highlighting drops and I personally don’t think they’re the best, so I don’t really use them, but these might be different I don’t know

8. ICONIC LONDON PIGMENT FOUNDATION STICK – Another product that I am only just wanting is the pigment stick that you see all over celebrities Instagram’s and twitters, I think if they are saying that the product is so good it must be so its worth a try

9. ICONIC LONDON EYEBROW CUSHION – I have recently seen this product on a few peoples YouTube channels and it does look like a good brow product and I just feel like you’re always going to wonder until you try

10. MAKEUP REVOLUTION CONCEAL AND DEFINE CONCEALER – Everybody is raving about how good this concealer is, every time I have gone to buy it, it is out of stock and this upsets me! If it is anything like the tarte shape tape concealer then its bound to be amazing isn’t it!

You can but all these products from either beauty bay or cult beauty and you can buy the makeup revolution concealer at Superdrug – don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you have any drugstore alternatives to the higher end products and don’t forget to follow my blog and also folly my social media 😊

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Makeup Newbies // Review

Hey guys,

I am so sorry that I haven’t posted in what feels like a hundred years, I have been super busy, taking my driving test which I PASSED! Also, I’ve had quite a bit of work do to over the last few weeks but I’m back!!!!

S0, I have been doing a little makeup shopping online! Can’t fault a girl, every girl loves makeup. MAC had a rather generous amount of my money, meaning that Contour Cosmetics didn’t get as much. However, I bought some gorgeous bits some which I love some which I’m still not to keen on. So without further ado, here goes ….


So, wanted a few bits from mac recently so I decided it was time to treat myself. I bought a variety of different things, some of which I’ve tried before and some timeless classics. Here is what I bought:

  • Nail Lacquer in “Shadow” – I have never tried one of mac’s nail polishes before, however I had heard quite good things about them. So I decided it was time for me to try one, I decided on “Shadow” as it is not a full colour and you apply it after you’ve painted your nails a full colour. The way this polish works, is that you simple brush onto your nails and it creates a smoky shadow effect. I have used it once so far, it is easy application and I shall be buying some more soon.
  • Studio Fix Fluid in “NW20” – A new colour too my collection, I usually wear the NC20 if I ever choose to wear a mac foundation. I find the NC20 is a little too orange for my skin tone so I decided to get the “NW” which has a more pinky undertone. I do prefer the NW to the NC however I do find that it is still a little too orange.
  • Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in “Deep Dark Brunette” – I am not the biggest fan of the brow Gelcreme, whether this be because I don’t know how to apply it I don’t know, the shade is a little too dark for me however the other shades “Redhead” and “Dirty Blonde” would have been too light for me. Therefore I don’t think this is  the best eyebrow product that mac has produced.
  • Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel in “Black” – I have always been a little wary of trying and using a gel eyeliner, what technique? what brush? how to you even apply it? However I am absolutely in LOVE with this gel as it is so easy to apply, it also lasts all day without smudging which is always a bonus.
  • Matte Lipstick in “Diva” – I have never been one for dark statement lips, however with going brunette, I decided I would start to wear a more dark lip.
  • Lip Pencil in “Burgundy” – I bought this lip liner to go with the Diva lipstick that I bought. It is the perfect match for that colour lipstick and glides onto my lips easily.


I also decided to buy myself the contour cosmetics cream contour kit. I have really wanted a contour kit for a while, I really wanted the Anastasia Beverley Hills palette however I couldn’t justify spending £40 on my first ever actual contour kit, so I opted for the cheaper option. I was disappointed with this product as it left me looking like an oompa loompa, maybe it was because It was my first time using it but I don’t think I’m going to be using it or buying this product again anytime soon.




So that is my personal opinions on my new makeup products! I hope you liked this blog and I shall see you guys again soon :*

Lots of Love – Aimee XOX